The first issue of the journal is tentatively set for publication on July 15, 2020. The first five papers, the titles of which are now visible under the future issues tab, are at the galley proof stage.

With that in mind, we now are inviting submissions for the next issue of the journal. It will deal with all aspects of the COVID-19 crisis with special focus on "dual use/gain of function" gene editing research on "potential pandemic pathogens (PPPs)" chronologically leading up to, if not in fact manufacturing and thus causing, the present crisis. Central questions concern (1) the origins of the particular coronaviruses implicated in the ongoing "pandemic" and the published research manipulating them or similar viruses; (2) measures taken by WHO and various governments to cope with the supposed sequence of events precipitating the crisis; (3) the pathology of the COVID-19 viruses and known relatives; (4) the role of "promoting fear" by the people and entities most likely to gain from the global public response, the cui bono, question; and, finally, (5) we are calling for papers engaging in sober evaluation of the promised "COVID-19 vaccine" in light of unbiased research on prior vaccines, for example, the many "flu vaccines", aimed at similar but allegedly less dangerous pathogens.