Captcha and ReCaptcha


Dear User of This Website:

Some have reported difficulty in registering on this site in order to access journal content. We have been looking into the problems that have been reported. According to our testing of the website, from different IP addresses, the registration system with SSL/TLS security recently installed now seems to be working as intended by OJS software with Captcha/reCaptcha bot stopping guards in place. However, there are some issues that can interfere with access at the user-end of the connection as pointed out by Prataan Chakraborty some fixes for Captcha/reCaptcha errors. Here is our summary of possible fixes, but for details, see his website:

1. check to see you are using the latest version of whatever browser you are using (or try a different one); 2. clear the browser cache; 3. if your IP has been banned, or you are using a proxy, or VPN the captcha may not load and you may need to change your mode of access to the site; 4. malware can interfere with Captcha/ReCaptcha so you might want to scan your system, remove threats, and then retry.