Call for papers volume 2, issue 1, Non-communicable Chronic Disorders and Diseases


In addition to problems already on the table so-to-speak, the next issue of IJVTPR (volume 2 issue number 1) is to be devoted to a critical examination of ingredients in vaccines that can interact with other factors that contribute to, or are reasonably suspected of contributing to, the ongoing and increasingly severe epidemics of non-communicable (non-infectious) chronic disorders and diseases (NCDs). For some of the backstory on this focus see the article at this link in The Defender. Submitting authors are asked to bear in mind that the genomes of biophysical systems are intimately connected through complex biophysical communication networks. For that reason epidemic NCDs are susceptible to impact from large-scale experimental engineering of consumable grains and livestock along with small-scale but well-documented weaponization of lethal pathogens (viruses, in particular). The call is for papers dealing with any aspect of the known and suspected causes of the growing number and intensity of NCDs in general as they may interact with the ingredients in one or many vaccines. Papers are invited on interactions with proximity to electromagnetic force fields, prescription drugs, biocides in consumable products including and experimentally engineered foods and contaminated water, stress induced by disruption of normal routines by quarantines, combinations of these factors, and so on.