Syllogistic Reasoning Demystifies Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccine Constituents


  • Daniel Broudy Professor of Applied Linguistics, Okinawa Christian University
  • Valerie Kyrie Independent Scholar



Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, vaccine, adjuvant, mRNA platform, nano-technology, graphene, magnetism, toxicty, Bio-Nano Age


Incontrovertible evidence has now made clear that much of what has been perceived publicly about the story of SARS-CoV-2 and the pharmaceutical remedies offered (then mandated) was/is part of a sophisticated international fabrication of unprecedented proportion, depth, and deception. The origins of the virus, the approved testing regime, the flawed predictive models of spread and mortality, associated social-distancing mandates, and so-called vaccines and their claimed efficacy and safety, all point to a coordinated effort to manufacture public fear and hysteria so as to propagate and normalize transhumanist interventions in healthcare and human biology. This article begins with the simple question of how adjuvants in traditional vaccines are theorized to work and proceeds to analyze how the new injectable mRNA platforms deploy nanomaterials as delivery vehicles for genetic interventions with a range of other potential actions inside the human body, both intended and unintended. The authors draw upon the chronological and logical development of adjuvants and their use across disciplines in materials science, genetic engineering, and programming. The authors aim to disentangle the known, unknown, possible and likely contents and objectives of COVID-19 injections, in the context of the surrounding corporate, political, and ideological landscape. They conclude that the social disruptions created by COVID-19 have served as a means of instigating rapid transition to what unelected policymakers have called a Bio-Nano Age.

Author Biographies

  • Daniel Broudy, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Okinawa Christian University

    With a doctorate in applied psycholinguistics from the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University, Daniel Broudy is a professor of rhetoric and applied linguistics at Okinawa Christian University. His work integrates research in cognitive linguistics, developmental and social psychology, semiotics, and communication theory as an effort to describe ways in which power centers organize campaigns of persuasion and engineer consent for policies and actions across cultures. His work appears with Palgrave, Macmillan, University of Westminster Press, Opole University Press, the University Press of Wrocław, Peter Lang, Media Theory, Frontiers in Communication, Ethical Space: The International Journal of Ethics, Peace News, Truthout, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Fast Capitalism, and System: An International Journal of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics. 

  • Valerie Kyrie, Independent Scholar

    Working in the areas of political psychology, the psychology of atrocity, and psychological operations / perception management, Valerie Kyrie holds a doctorate in psychology on the topic of realty-perception and its manipulation. She wrote her undergraduate thesis in biological science. Her professional work and research deconstructs and describes the deceptions, tactics and machinations underpinning collective violence and atrocity. She has contributed to work in the areas of international human rights, media, advocacy and policy.


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