The COVID-19 “Vaccines”: What is the truth?


  • Russell L Blaylock Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States



COVID-19 pandemic, COVID policy governmental inquiry, COVID injections for children, draconian COVID-19 policies, genetic experimentation, injuries and deaths, masks and mandates, New Zealand’s Maori Government, unsafe injections, Wakaminenga Maori Government, WMG


The following is being published as if it were a “Letter to the Editor”[1] of the IJVTPR. It was written in response to a request to the Editorial Board from Charles Tortise on behalf of the de jure Sovereign Wakaminenga Maori Government (WMG) of Nui Tireni New Zealand. He called on the journal editors and authors to supply up to the minute information to be used in helping to shape nationwide policy in New Zealand during the COVID-19 Aftermath. Whereas the leader of the de facto Wellington government, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, recently relaxed certain “mandates” — ones that Blaylock refers to as “draconian” — concerning the COVID-19 masks and injections, her whole de facto NZ government, which draws authority from the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi has always been legally subordinated to the de jure Sovereign Wakaminenga, in accordance with the 1835 He Wakaputanga, a Declaration of Independence by the Confederation of the Chiefs of the United Maori tribes. By law, the subordinate NZ government headed up now by Ardern, must be authorized each year by the agreement of the direct descendants of those Chiefs, meeting in Congress, known as the National Wakaminenga, to continue as the de facto government. This being the case, it is the declared intention of the WMG to learn as much as possible about the COVID-19 injectables, and about the world-wide genetic experiments that are underway. Such information is needed in order for the de jure WMG to decide wisely about whether the policies and regulations put in place as the COVID-19 response of the de facto NZ government in Wellington were as “safe and effective” as has been said and review their performance accordingly. Maori are defined as people who “aspire to purity without blemish”, and the jurisdiction they have is, as far as we know, unique in all the world. Therefore, the discussion underway there, incorporating the information in this letter, written by Russell Blaylock, MD and retired neurosurgeon, is addressed not only to the WMG through Charles G. Tortise, but also the whole world. It is written on behalf of a group of people hardly known to much of the rest of the world but who are, in the estimation of the editors of this journal, about to make world-wide history in respect to the COVID Aftermath. It was after consultation among several members of our Editorial Board that we decided to call on Russell Blaylock, to write the initial position paper, as it were, to be presented to the WMG. He won’t say it but we will: he is eminently well qualified and credentialed to write the opinion letter that follows. This is his position paper for the WMG.


[1] This letter has been reviewed by three other members of the Editorial Board for the IJVTPR and is published here because of the importance of the issues at stake not only to all New Zealand, but to the whole world. In the opinion of the editors, the policies being challenged by the sovereign Wakaminenga Maori Government (WMG) of New Zealand — for reasons detailed by Russell Blaylock, MD — are of critical importance to the whole world. The WMG is led by Arikinui Ripekatangi also known by her English name as Georgina Job. The term “Wakaminenga” in Te reo, the Maori language, means “assembly”. The Maori people are from different tribes called “iwi” and smaller groups known as “hapu”. Leaders of the northern tribes began meeting from about 1808 in a formal assembly to discuss laws and policy concerning the increasing interactions with foreigners, especially the British that followed soon after James Cook landed there during one of his voyages of exploration. The assembly was known as “Te Wakaminenga o Ngā Hapū o Nu Tīreni” [the General Assembly of the Tribal Nations]. The WMG is the administrative arm of the current National Assembly, website here. Of note Arikinui Ripekatangi issued a statement dated August 16, 2022 outlining the background leading to this article. The website address for the WMG news releases is here


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