Abnormal Clots and All-Cause Mortality During the Pandemic Experiment: Five Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Are Evidently Lethal to Nearly All Medicare Participants


  • Daniel Santiago Pharmacist in Orlando, FL
  • John W Oller Professor Emeritus University of New Mexico




amyloid disease, amyloidogenicity, abnormal clots, BNT162b2 contents, ggenetic therapies with XNAs, Medicare participants, Moderna, myocarditis, SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, synthetic nucleic acid, XNA, xenonucleic acids


Nyström and Hammarström (2022) found 7 segments in the bio-active SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that can produce abnormal proteinaceous (fibrinaloid) clots according to the Waltz algorithm. In vitro results confirmed the Waltz predictions. If the spike coding sequence was captured in the BNT162b2, Moderna, and other injectables, as claimed by the manufacturers, the clot producing segments are present in them too. Mainstream medical publications claim that SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause abnormal clotting, especially in “long COVID”. Telling evidence from Medicare data shows a decreasing life expectancy with each dose of COVID-19 “vaccine” — 1 dose is worse than 0, and 2 worse than 1, etc. In Connecticut, 26,091 Medicare participants who died before December 31, 2022, but never took a COVID injection, on the average, survived 428 days after the middle of the pandemic period (July 27, 2020). By then nearly all of them must have been exposed to and/or infected by some SARS-CoV-2 variant — hence, the CDC urging to take the “vaccines”. By contrast, 108,156 Medicare patients across the US who died before January 1, 2023, after just 1 dose of COVID-19 “vaccine”, survived only 308 days — a loss of 119.9 days on the average. Connecticut participants, 23,248 of them, who received 2 to 5 doses, on the average, lost an additional 62 days of life-expectancy with each booster. It follows that 5 boosters times 62 days reduces the average remaining 308 days left-to-live after dose 1 by 310 days. So, nearly all the Medicare participants will have been dead for 2 days by booster 4 (dose 5). The upshot is that 5 doses, on the average, will kill all the Medicare participants who accept the advice of the CDC.[1] For 157,495 of the 65 and older Medicare population studied here — people supposedly most apt to benefit from COVID-19 injectables — days-left-to-live shrinks by 74 days, on the average, with each dose. It is also likely that the COVID-19 injectables are partly, maybe wholly, responsible for the unnatural clots found by treating physicians, pathologists, and embalmers in living and dead recipients of the experimental injectables. It is certain is that the injectables are increasing all-cause mortality across the globe.

[1] In the dataset from Connecticut, only 7 of 57,261 Medicare participants (7/57261 = 0.000122), or about 1.22 persons in 10,000 survived 5 doses during the experimental pandemic in order to take a 6th dose. Those who did so died, on the average, in 34 days. Only 1 participant survived 6 doses to receive a 7th and died within 69 days at the age of 68.  


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