Comments on Kämmerer, et al. (2023) regarding RT-PCR Testing


  • Fabio Franchi Independent Researcher
  • Jerneja Tomsic Researcher at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duarte USA



COVID-19 disease, NAAT, nucleic acid amplification testing, RT-PCR


Kämmerer et al., (2023) reviewed the trustworthiness of Reverse Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and sought to solve the serious problems that remain challenging its use and the significance of its application for the diagnosis of COVID-19 infections. They proposed certain modifications which they argued will enable more precise and trustworthy diagnostic results. However, this paper has a clear focus on the technical aspect of RT-PCR, which is only one piece of the COVID-19 puzzle, while there are other equally important pieces still missing. In order to establish what could correctly be judged as a true positive diagnosis, one sharply distinct from a false positive diagnosis, it is necessary to consider additional details. We believe their recommendations amount only to a partial solution to the deeper problems their work implicates. We propose to look at the larger perspective: to start from the very beginning, that is the definition of COVID-19 disease. 

Author Biography

  • Fabio Franchi, Independent Researcher

    Former “Dirigente Medico” (Medical Director) in the Infectious Disease Ward, Trieste, Italy; who specialized in “Infectious Diseases” and in “Hygiene and Preventive Medicine”.


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